Social Media Marketing Course Syllabus

Social Media Marketing Course Syllabus

Everyone understands the importance of social media marketing for businesses and organizations. It has become great platform to reach out most relevant customers worldwide.

Ingenious Academy’s, Social Media Marketing course covers the Strategies, concepts, tools and application of social media marketing and will equip you with the skills to plan and implement a successful social media marketing strategy while offering you social media marketing certification.

Introduction to Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Introduction to SMM
  • Social media significance
  • Important SMM tools
  •  Creating and managing Facebook brand pages
  • Posting content to social media sites
  • Gaining followers
  • Creating Facebook Ads
  • Different types of Facebook ads creation
  • Facebook Ad optimization
  • Facebook Ad targeting strategies
  •  Creating twitter account
  • Using twitter account to build brand awareness
  • Twitter marketing approaches and plans
  • Effective LinkedIn profile creation
  • Generating reputation as individual or enterprise
  • Other social media sites like Google+, Pinterest, slide share and flicker etc. opportunities


  • Basics of Facebook
  • Facebook User account basics
  • how to use Facebook organically
  • Facebook Business Manager Account
  • Page creation
  • Content strategy
  • Hashtags
  • Facebook applications
  • Paid advertisements
  • Create real campaigns for real clients
  • Analytics
  • Facebook Developers
  • API integration
  • Customer re-engagement through Facebook apps

Face book Advertising

  • Communicating value of Display on network
  • Facebook Ad Manager
  •  Plan a Campaign
  • General Creatives
  • Implement a Campaign and Ad Groups
  • Targeting by Region, Demographics & Interest
  • CPC & CPM
  • Measure Performance
  •  Advanced Reporting
  • Optimize & Refine


  • Organic Strategies
  • Hashtags
  • Instagram Ads
  • Automation
  • Grey hat Strategies


  • How to use Twitter organically
  • How people make followers
  • How to get your content noticed by people
  • Tweet deck
  • Monitoring and analysis
  • Twitter paid ads
  • Twitter API integration

Twitter Advertising

  • Communicating Value of Display on Twitter
  • Plan a Campaign
  • Implement a Campaign & Ad Groups
  • Measure Performance
  • Optimize & refine

LinkedIn Advertising

  • Communicating Value of Display on Linkedin
  • Plan a Campaign
  • Implement a Campaign & Ad Groups
  • Measure Performance
  • Optimize & refine

Linked In

  • Create your professional profile
  • How to use your profile organically
  • How to use LinkedIn for business
  • Slideshare, Page creation, Groups creation
  • Linkedin paid
  • LinkedIn app integration


  • Creating Youtube channel
  • Video creations
  • White hat and black hat practices
  • Video editing
  • Channel Monetization
  • Increase viewers
  • Increase views
  • Increase Subscribers

Social Media Monitoring & Analytics

  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer