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Ingenious Academy is a premier Professional training and placement institute offering mainly IT Courses along with Digital marketing Course. It is widely known as the best IT training institute where technical training is delivered by industry experts. In order to assist students for placement we have highly qualified and industry expert trainers. They are dedicated for grooming sessions, Soft skills and personality Development program and interview preparation course. We’re group of professionals focused with understanding of new education frontiers and applying those skills to give our student the best possible training to get successful. ingenious academy team generally described as “Young team with full enthuse of approachable guides that makes difficult subjects easy to understand in the world of new IT requirements in an internet age.” Our team consists of wide range of experience in the bests industry’s at our time and educational background as well. We have expert trainers in Digital marketing, brilliant Coders for programming languages, inventive designers for web designing, Qualified and experienced trainers for grooming, that’s why we call our team “ingenious”.

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Why to choose ingenious academy for Python Course?

Python is a popular general-purpose programming language known for its easy readability and broad library of tools for work in fields such as data science and web development. The programming language supports multiple paradigms such as functional, procedural, and object-oriented programming (oop) and is comparable to other high-level languages such as Java and JavaScript. With its powerful features, ease of use, and enormous standard library, Python is easily one of the most useful languages in today’s software development world. Since Ingenious Academy believes in the importance of the programming , it helps you understand this with the help of python classes in Aurangabad. We are not just teachers who have learned some where and teaching you the same, our Python Course is designed by our Director with his 9+ years of Dynamic experience in Programming and his technical expertise makes you strong and you will certainly outshine. Ingenious Academy is a pioneer institute in Python Training in Aurangabad and will remain the best institute for Professional IT training & Programming Institute in Aurangabad.
Advanced training | 100% live training

Unique Training Method To Train You Unless You Understand

The Python programming Classroom training is dedicated to impart 100% skills. The batch will not go further unless a single doubt gets resolved even by single person.


Individual Laptop/PC Every Day To Learn & Practice

We provide you skills that matters today. Python Courses requires computer to learn & practice that will be provided during the class by us.


Experienced Trainers

Learn from 10+ Years experienced trainer. Build effective strategies and test them live. We train you from scratch to make you technically & strategically strong.

Lean coding

Create 4 - 5 programs daily

In our Python Programming Course, we provide advanced training to create your own 4 - 5 programs daily.Learn concept, create programs and get mails after your class is finished.

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Most Sophisticated Infrastructure

Our Python Programming Institute is one of the best institute available in Aurangabad. We don't just say, we prove it.Experience it by yourself, Visit our office TODAY!


Focused Training individually

1 on 1 focused training to make you do all programs daily and make you python programmer.

Course Syllabus / Modules of Digital Marketing Course in Aurangabad

Digital Marketing Course in Aurangabad Live training

Detailed Syllabus of Python Course in aurangabad

Python Programming course syllabus has been developed by Ingenious Academy keeping in mind, what is required in industry today. Hence we keep our Python Programming Course syllabus update and make sure our students get in-depth knowledge of every topic 100% practical.

Setting up path
Working with Python
Basic Syntax
Variable and Data Types

Nested loops

Accessing Strings
Basic Operations
String slices
Function and Methods

Accessing list
Working with lists
Function and Methods

Accessing tuples
Functions and Methods

Accessing values in dictionaries
Working with dictionaries

Defining a function
Calling a function
Types of functions
Function Arguments
Anonymous functions
Global and local variables

Importing module
Math module
Random module

Printing on screen
Reading data from keyboard
Opening and closing file
Reading and writing files

Exception Handling
Except clause
Try / fiinally clause
User Defined Exceptions

Class and object
Data hiding

Match function
Search function
Matching VS Searching

CGI environment variable
GET and POST methods
File upload

Executing queries
Handling error

Socket Module
Client and server
Internet modules

Toggle Content

Tkinter programming
Tkinter widgets

Rohit Salunke - Ingenious Academy


I Am Rohit salunke.

Founder & Director of Ingenious Academy
A Computer Science graduate and Marketing Professional with more than 10 yrs of Corporate experience in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Channel Marketing and Business Development. Additionally in E-commerce website development, strategy making, SEO and business consultant to some startup companies from Pune.

After MBA-Marketing I have worked with Walmart, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd (Head Office) and ASUS India (Head Office) for more than 6 Years.
Currently, I work as a digital marketing consultant to many leading organizations as well as some startups. I also passionate to impart his corporate experience with students so he works as a trainer in ingenious Academy.

I helped build and grow over 120 companies. In the constantly changing field of digital marketing, it is my mission to provide individuals with the skills to master the critical tactics and strategies that will drive their personal growth.

Prerna Salunke

5+ Years experience in Training and HR. MBA from Welingkar, Mumbai

Rohit Salunke

10+ Years Corporate experience in Top MNC's like Walmart, ASUS & Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd


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Python course can be useful in multiple job profiles, now a days if you see on any job description for cloud engineer, DevOps engineer, web developer, android developer, automation test engineer, industry automation engineer, os maintenance job profile, everywhere you will be getting the need of Python programming.
Reason is simple and logical, since python makes things easier and simpler as compared to Java or any other programming language everyone wants to adopt it, python can be used as programming and writing a complete application , writing an API and communication to the os, writing job scripts for automating tasks. In short Python is a technology which is easy to write, maintain and debug and hence it is getting adopted by the complete world. In fact google itself used 60% of python programming to write their own applications.

Candidates who are looking for a bright future in IT and would like to be on the top of the IT World can start from basic python programming.
Python Programming is very easy, readable and it’s execution is much faster. Wherever rapid coding is needed python programming comes on no.1.
Freshers who would like to make their career into Machine Learning , Data Science, Full Stack Development, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Robotics, Industry Automation, Automation Testing Tool can start from Python Cours

Since you realized that Python expert has a vast future in software companies, but you are confused to think that whether you profile is suitable for this job or not.Yup! You can learn python language without learning other programming languages. It is easy to understand and learn as its scripts are in a human-readable format.
Briefly, it can be offered to newbies in the field of programming, as well. However, the provider of this language should be worthy as it needs thorough knowledge and training. The training part is highly significant as it makes the Python learners seamlessly able to handle projects related to Python. Thus, you can start your career in Python language, even though you are not an expert in other languages.

Since you determined to learn the Python programming language, there are ample opportunities where you can commence your career. Basically, grabbing a Python certification will give you a sought after jobs in the entire programming domain. You will get shortlisted by profiles like:
• Data Scientist
• Python Developer
• Data Analyst
• Research Analyst
• Software Engineer
Software Developer

Final year students also who wants to get placed quickly with a good package should visit us to know more about our digital marketing classroom training program.

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