First Thing you should know if you want to develop your personality

Here are the free personality development tips by our expert trainer.  If you are wondering how to develop your personality, first thing you should start with is to love yourself!

I come across so many people who struggle to find their real potential, capabilities and strengths. People do not understand their own likes, dislikes, wants and things that wish from their lives. This is probably because we are so occupied in our life listening to other’s judgments that we overlook our inner voice of our soul. We weigh more to what others think “we can’t do” and allow them to control our thoughts and even dreams. Then we hesitate to cross the boundaries defined by criticism and restrict our circle of capabilities within the same. For that moment until we allow us to experiment new things and deny the dominance of others thought we find ourselves in a “safe zone”.

As we give ourselves to come out of this safe zone and start dreaming what I want to do, you actually start to explore you can do more things than others expected and that even you were unaware of.  But it takes a courage, a motivation and an ability to deny what you think you can’t do. And this is obviously not so easy to crack.

In order to change your personality you have to challenge your own beliefs of about yourself. You have to give yourself a new chance of trying new things despite your own heart says “I can’t” you need to replace it with “I want to and I will“. But to do so one need to bring a lot of positivity and confidence in oneself.  Now the question is from where to start… Answer is by loving yourself the way you are!

Remember any best day of your life where your parents were so happy and proud for what you achieved. Or remember any incident where you had won any competition. Remember any small help offered by you to a stranger earned you a good compliment that day. When you think about any of such events and compliments you’d received a long days back, it has power to give your smile back for a moment.

When you focus on good memories and appreciations instead of criticism; you feel you are worthy.  You feel you deserve a good life, a success, wealth, name, fame and everything that’s in your dream. This feeling is very important to increase your Self-esteem. Self-esteem means what you think of yourself. Your first thoughts before you start any work – whether you say “ I can Do it” or “ I don’t think I can do it” or “May be, I should try”. The own estimation of your potential has a huge impact on your confidence level and ultimately on your performance.

But, as it seems so easy to say, it isn’t so simple in reality and hence the question remains how to develop a personality!

Even scientifically it’s been proven that your brain spends more energy in analyzing negative incidents than positive ones. For instance, if I ask you to recall your prominent incidents in life in last year, most of things could be associated with negative feelings or events.

These negative setbacks are three times more powerful than positive memories.

Normal brain spends extra energy to scan dangers, threats, warnings, fear and negative events more. Since an ancient era, our survival was contingent on our ability of anticipating these things. But we can surely change the way our brain works.  And this is the key of developing our personality.

You can work consciously to rewire your brain energy to focus more on positive memories. Start with simple daily practices. Here are some tips to develop a personality.

Start you day by complementing to yourself

“ I look good today’’ , “I think my boss is going to like my presentation today”, “I think when I will complete my performance on a stage I’m going to hear a huge round of applaud”  These self compliments and affirmations will help to kill your fear and inferior complex if any.

Create at least 3 good memories each day

It could be as small as making someone smile on your joke or to compliment someone for their looks or achievement. It could be just sending an honest messages to someone you care. These may not take much of your time but could bring you a great sense of accomplishment of good deeds.

Learn to share, care and help others

The truth is if you want to be happy and collect the good memories, the only way of getting it is by giving it. So don’t restrict your hands while helping someone or sharing, loose it up. Go further steps to illustrate your loved ones how much you care and let them know the best of you because they all are going to realize it one day. And then, they will be the ones who stand by  you at your worst!

Gift yourself a beautiful journal and write the best moments of your life in it

In order to make conscious efforts of re-enforcing optimism in you, you can start listing the good things happening in your life. Even simple complements like “looking good today” and proud moments of achievements can be included in it. Try to write it almost every day. Not only the good things happened to you but the good things you created for others should be mentioned.

This journal will act as a savior in your dark days. Especially after few years when your memories fade away, you will be surprised to witness them again. And then one day when someone will try to pull you down by shattering your confidence with his/her harsh criticism, you will have enough reasons to bounce back!

Author Profile

Ms. Prerna Salunke

Co-founder of ingenious Academy

She is an HR expert having 8+ yrs of corporate experience. She has been working in Training and development in IT industry. Moreover, she was associated with big brands like Bharat Petroleum Ltd. Co. (BPCL). She is also a Certified professional for Recruitment. Her area of expertise includes Personality assessment programs, Recruitment processes and soft skills development. Additionally her work highlights also include CV building, Interview preparation, grooming sessions and personality development programs. She is an alumni of Welingkar Institute of Management & Development, Mumbai which is among India’s top 10 institutes of management. Her career highlights are mentioned below:

Certified Professional in Human Resources and Retail Management from Welingkar Institute of Management & Development, Mumbai which is among India’s top 10 institutes of management.

Co-founder of Ingenious Academy, a leading Training and Placement Institute in Aurangabad. Ingenious Academy is a pioneer institute which offers top class professional training especially in Digital Marketing domain and other IT courses. Under the leadership of Mrs Prerna Salunke this academy provides its students necessary soft skills to be ready for placements.

Placement Activities that she undertakes at Ingenious academy includes: Establishing tie-ups with companies, tapping their human resource requirements, offering the right candidates (trained/experienced) at zero cost to the companies as well as to academy’s students.

Extensive background in Grooming & Soft skills development: She has demonstrated extensive soft skills knowledge, an eye to every detail approach towards her training methodology & her student’s individual development. She possesses an excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills and coaching abilities.

Personality Assessment Programs: She is an expert when it comes to assess personalities, analyze them and helping her mentees to develop or overcome weak areas. Her Personality development programs have been super beneficial to different professionals like lawyers, doctors, sales persons, students etc.

Certified Recruiter by IKYA: She is an experienced, Dynamic and results-oriented HR Corporate Recruiter with extensive experience in HR domain specifically Recruitment and Retention, Strategic Planning, Talent Development, and Performance Management. Certified professional in recruitment processes, in developing and establishing strategic recruitment strategies, engaging with social media, identifying/recruiting appropriate talent, and achieving recruitment objective

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