Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course

Learn from 9+ Years experienced trainer, Worked in Walmart, Mahindra & ASUS
Learn 100% live

Individual Laptop/PC Every Day To Learn & Practice

We provide you skills that matters today. Digital Marketing Courses requires computer to learn & practice that will be provided during the class by us.
100% placement assistance for Digital marketing course students

100% Placement Assistance

We have designed Digital marketing course considering industry requirements after completion more than 150 Tie-up companies are waiting for right Digital Marketer
100% live training all courses

Unique Training Method To Train You Unless You Understand

The Digital Marketing Classroom training is dedicated to impart 100% skills. The batch will not go further unless a single doubt gets resolved even by single person.

Everything starts with why?

About Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the modern way of promoting products or services and brands through various forms of electronic media such as internet marketing, mobile marketing, also display ads etc. Digital Marketing surrounds all marketing practices that uses any digital machine or the web. Online marketing is an effective way of promoting your business to target customers in less time. And comparatively, it incurs the low cost of investment. Since ingenious Academy believes in the importance of the digital world, it helps you understand this with the help of digital marketing classes in Aurangabad. We are not just teachers who have learned some where and teaching you the same, our Diploma in Digital Marketing Course is designed by our Director with his 9+ years of Dynamic experience in Marketing and his technical expertise makes you not only strong but also sensible in market and you will certainly outshine. Ingenious Academy is a pioneer institute in Digital Marketing Training in Aurangabad and will remain the best institute for Professional IT training & Digital Marketing Course Institute in Aurangabad.

Corporate Experienced trainer

Corporate Experienced Trainer

Learn from 9+ Years experienced trainer. Build effective strategies and test them live. We train you from scratch to make you technically & strategically strong.
Digital Marketing Campaigns for real clients

Create Real Paid Campaigns

On job training enables you to create real time campaigns for our clients which give you real world experience
Get all resources to develop projetcs

Get .com Domain & Hosting & create your own Website

As a premium Digital Marketing Institute We train you to create your own website for that we provide .com domain and server to practice.​

Why to join us?

Why Ingenious Academy

As we have been in business from more than 3 years and updating Digital Marketing Training content every month due it diversity. As per the statistics, today 3 in 5 people in Asia and Pacific use the internet. While India has become the second-biggest smartphone market in terms of active unique smartphone users. Eventually, it has become habitual to check the information online either to find the route, address. People also search for the best restaurant or shops or services nearby on the internet. As a result of this, demands from advertisers are increasing in digital media. Though Digital marketing has previously been a mere subject among the syllabus of marketing courses, it has now emerged as a standalone subject. Every industry now a days cannot ignore its diversity and Consumer behaviour, to cater them they need experts in Digital Marketing with necessary skills learned from experienced trainer who have worked with most sophisticated brands.

Digital Marketing Course

100% Placement assistance

Make A Stunning Career in Digital Marketing

150+ tie-up companies around the world

Ingenious Academy has designed the Digital Marketing Course considering requirements of industry. We have tie-up companies which requires skilled candidates to handle their projects. Ingenious Academy trains you on live projects and make you industry ready.

Multiple projects to work upon during the course

You can work on real projects of clients during the course.

Upgrade your Resume

Its not only learning, you practice everyday and create stunning projects which gives you experience. You can even take freelance projects from our agency and earn money during Digital Marketing class and also get the internship

course content of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

Digital marketing course ingenious Academy covers all activities of online marketing such as Website Creation, SEO, Search Engine Marketing - Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate marketing, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, Android app development and Mobile Marketing. Additionally, other topics include CRM, DAM software handling, Google Adsense to earn from Youtube/Blog and every month digital marketing course syllabus has been improvising. Moreover, digital marketing certification programs enable you to become a Google certified Digital Marketing Professional. Furthermore, after completion of the classroom digital marketing course, you will be confident to work especially for MNC’s, IT companies. You can also choose to work for FMCG companies or digital marketing agencies. You can also work in internet marketing teams of business setups. Never the less you can even start your own website and run business or work as a freelancer.

Additionally, the Ingenious Academy recruitment team would be responsible for the placement assistance of everyone who undergoes our training program.

  • Course Introduction
  • What is the Internet?
  • Browsers
  • Domain & Hosting
  • How to buy a domain, what you should know before and after buying the domain.
  • How to buy hosting, what you should know before and after buying the hosting
  • Setup your own domain and hosting
  • Get free Domain for learning from the ingenious academy
  • Necessary settings for domain and server
  • Installation of website
  • HTML
  • WordPress
  • Learn to create your own website

Basic WordPress integration, necessary settings, basic website development on WordPress free themes.

Installation of premium themes, Website development on paid/Custom themes

Page builder plugin, page & post creation, template creation & use, menu structure, widget – sidebar, plugins, contact form, woo commerce, WhatsApp chat, live chat

  • Advance WordPress Development on paid themes
  • Automation, tweaks & tricks
  • How to write effective content for articles
  • Create your content strategy for Product, Business or Services
  • Creating images, videos, curating data to use on pages.
  • Video Production & Editing
  • Image editing
  • How Search Engine works
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Competition & Position analysis
  • Product / Service analysis
  • Website & Page structure
  • On-page optimization factors
  • Redirection
  • Canonical
  • Off-page optimization factors
  • Rankbrain Optimization factors
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • ORM
  • Multilingual & Multiregional SEO
  • Exception/Situation handling in SEO
  • Implement all SEO strategies on website you have created
  • More than 50 tools
  • Get free Web analytics/SEO analytics tool worth Rs.25000
  • Setup webmaster account for your website
  • Index pages on Google
  • Learn every aspects of webmaster
  • SEO analytics
  • Create a tag manager account
  • Creating tags, triggers
  • Testing on your website
  • Setup my business account
  • Optimize for local business
  • Handle reviews, photos, info
  • Make a business plan
  • How to make strategies for product
  • Cost evaluation
  • How to create cost-effective marketing plans
  • Online marketing fundamentals – CPM,CPC,CPA, etc.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of Ad-exchange
  • How Google ad network works
  • What is the business model of Search Engine.
  • Advertisers & Publishers Role in Ad Exchange
  • Setup Google Ads account of your own
  • Learning Search Advt campaign
  • Learning Display Advt campaign
  • Learning Video Advt campaign
  • Learning Shopping Advt campaign
  • Learning Remarketing Advt campaign
  • Other advanced options in Google Ads
  • Creating real campaigns each for clients
  • You can apply for Google Ads certification
  • Reporting and analytics of projects you have created in Google ads.
  • Basics of Facebook
  • Facebook User account basics
  • how to use Facebook organically
  • Facebook Business Manager Account
  • Page creation
  • Content strategy
  • Hashtags
  • Facebook applications
  • Paid advertisements
  • Create real campaigns for real clients
  • Analytics
  • Facebook Developers
  • API integration
  • Customer re-engagement through facebook apps
  • How to use Twitter organically
  • How people make followers
  • How to get your content noticed by people
  • Tweetdeck
  • Monitoring and analysis
  • Twitter paid ads
  • Twitter API integration
  • Create your professional profile
  • How to use your profile organically
  • How to use LinkedIn for business
  • Slideshare, Page creation, Groups creation
  • Linkedin paid
  • LinkedIn app integration
  • Creating Youtube channel
  • Video creations
  • White hat and black hat practices
  • Video editing
  • Channel Monetization
  • Increase viewers
  • Increase views
  • Increase Subscribers
  • Use of DAM
  • How to install DAM & use
  • Learn to use CRM for a company
  • Create your project, manage and report
  • Setup for your own agency / Company
  • Ad server basics and installation.(Openx training)
  • Display banner
  • Understanding and implementing banner ad codes
  • Geo-targeting, frequency capping, pixel tracking, conversions
  • Using Ad Manager for Direct advertising
  • Monitize your website
  • Setup Google Adsense account
  • Monetization basics
  • Strategies to monetize website quickly
  • Strategies to monetize Youtube quickly
  • Operate Adsense account
  • Block unnecessary advertisers
  • Reporting
  • Affiliate marketing fundamentals
  • Affiliate platforms available to earn money
  • Use affiliate on your web/App to earn money
  • Create your own affiliate tools to advertise
  • Other affiliate strategies
  • Black hat techniques for affiliate
  • Drop Shipping & other techniques
  • Become influencer
  • Find influencer for your Brand
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Mail server working
  • Hard Bounce, Soft Bounce, Open rate, inbox, spam
  • Mail Chimp – Sending mail, use templates, landing pages, lead capturing
  • Mail Automation.
  • Mobile Marketing Introduction
  • Bulk SMS strategies
  • Whatsapp Marketing
  • Auto Call, SMS integration
  • Creating an Android application and testing on a smartphone
  • App store optimization
  • App promotion
  • SMS marketing
  • Setup Admob account
  • Insert advts on android app you created
  • Black hat techniques to earn money from android app
  • Creating a Google analytics account
  • Linking to a website with & without tag manager
  • Understanding visitors behavior
  • Geo settings
  • Web page arrival source and more

Why hesitate to join?

Learn At Your
Own Pace

Digital Marketing Course
Learn at your own pace
  1. We are pioneer in Diploma in Digital Marketing in Aurangabad and have been maintaining quality with our dedication since 2016. So far we have 90% placement ratio for students.
  2. Every 9 out of 10 Diploma in Digital Marketing student has been placed under our placement assistance.
  3. 1 out of 10 has started his own Digital Marketing agency and Our agency Ingenious Marketing has been helping those by providing them clients.
  4. In 2020, Ingenious Academy has extended their infrastrcture and facilities for Digital Marketing Courses with large and new space, Better internet, dedicated workspace to work on live projects given to Digital Marketing course students.
  5. We have updated syllabus and course duration by 2 months without increasing its fees. So our Digital Marketing course in aurangabad is more updated and affordable course.
  6. We will be launching our “Virtual Classroom Program” soon in 2020 with live training (no recorded videos) and free training courses on youtube.

tart your Own company

Start your own company and utilize the knowledge you have gathered in Diploma in Digital Marketing. We have assured every business owner joined this course got benefited and running their business successfully. Its not only the Digital Marketing aspects, Our trainer’s 9 years of experience, his business skills, strategies enables you to rule the market.

SEO Supervisor
Job Profile: Organic Ranking/Visitors

Profile of SEO managers/Experts/Executives is to rank the web pages on Google and maintain its rankings on as many relevant keywords as possible.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Job Profile: Complete Digital Marketing Management

Companies need experts to handle their marketing campaigns, plan and report ROI. Managing companies Digital strategy is very challenging job also responsible. Our trainer’s experience and digital marketing training covers all aspect you may need while working.

We have divided our digital marketing course syllabus for Advertisers and for Publishers.

For Advertisers – Digital Marketing Course to Advertise your Product/Service

First, we work upon Organic strategies to for your website or app later we learn advertising fundamentals to become best in making strategies and then we start learning platforms for advertisers (more details are given in Digital marketing course content below).
Learning platforms like Google ads, Facebook and all mentioned in digital marketing course are not difficult, even Google or Facebook itself will teach you how to use these platforms. The difference is you will learn the best practices to make your advertising campaigns successful from an experienced trainer, who will teach you everything which he has learned in his successful Digital marketing career.

That’s not enough, we will give you access to our accounts to create real advertising campaigns with real money. Our focus is to make industry ready, skilled professionals who can handle any projects in the future.

For Publishers – Digital Marketing Training for those who want to earn from their blog/youtube etc.

Digital Marketing training also includes training for those who have the interest to make money online, earn from blogs or mobile applications or from affiliate and any possible ways. Whether it’s on our domain, your personal domain, the Android app you have created or youtube channel. We give all necessary expertise to make this work for you and you earn money from these platforms.

There are some black hat ways to get results you desire, which isn’t recommended but we teach you the methods people are using to earn money and that an eye opener so that you must not get in the trap of these fake businesses.

I love their flexibility. Even when my request is too complicated to handle.

Madhura Dixit

Digital Marketing Student

"Best out of the best in the Digital Marketing field ..."

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by 1500+ Students

Excellent guiding instructions. They are all great mentors at life & career

Bhagesh Gandhi


Together expand and grow

Enjoy Our Companionship

As learners, people can enjoy great companionship from Ingenious Academy's mentors and educators. We can help you develop and grow at your best.

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Rahul Kedare - Digital Marketing Course 2020 Student Placed in July 2020
Rahul Kedare
Placed in Exact Funnel
Archana - Digital Marketing course Student
Placed in Dubai
Komal - Digital Marketing course student
Placed in Zenith Homes Dubai
Payal - Digital Marketing Course student
Placed in Boost Media
Kiranraj - Digital marketing course student Placed in apls
Placed in apls
Yashwant - Digital Marketing Training student
Bhairavi - student of our Digital Marketing institute
Placed in NIIT
Amol Dhakne - Our Digital Marketing course student
Amol Dhakne
Placed in atidiv
Giantview Pvt Ltd
Sagar - Freelancer
Dreams Creation
diploma in digital marketing course student - sangram jagtap
Placed in Pune
Digital Marketing Course

Start today for getting Digital Marketing Certification

You can be your own guiding star with our help!


Rohit Salunke

Founder & Director of Ingenious Academy

A Computer Science graduate and Marketing Professional with more than 7 yrs of Corporate experience in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Channel Marketing and Business Development. Additionally in E-commerce website development, strategy making, SEO and business consultant to some startup companies from Pune.

Currently, he works as a digital marketing consultant to many leading organizations as well as some startups. He is also passionate to impart his corporate experience with students so he works as a trainer in ingenious Academy.

Digital Marketing trainer worked in walmart
Digital Marketing trainer worked in Mahindra
Digital Marketing trainer worked in asus

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can I work as a Freelancer after Digital Marketing Course?

There are thousands of jobs freelancing sites offer for SEO, Google Adwords, Email Marketing, Mobile app optimization, App store optimization. So if you want to work from home or looking for a project-based job then digital marketing course at ingenious Academy proves to be a wise option. We believe in training you on live projects, where we let you handle client’s campaigns. During your Digital Marketing Course if you want to earn by working on freelancing projects of our digital marketing agency then we allow you and even pay you for the same.

Is this course beneficial for Entrepreneurs?

Who are looking for online as a channel or medium to sell there a product or make themselves available or visible to online users or customers should learn digital marketing classes. Customers are cautious about the purchase and do research on the internet before making a decision. So online marketing course teaches you methods and tools to analyze buying persona, that in depth for any micro-level location market.

Can students from any stream join Diploma in Digital Marketing?

First of all digital marketing course doesn’t require any technical background or any programming language because most of all tools are available on the internet itself. To enroll for Digital Marketing classes at ingenious anyone who is familiar with computers and the internet can join. This is course is suitable for people from any field having a passion for marketing and wants to master in online marketing, build strategies, plan campaigns, analyze the potential with web analytics, justify ROI should join digital marketing classes. So far we have students from every stream and even those who have completed their studies and doing digital marketing classes just for their interest in this stream.

Sales & Marketing professional can enhance their skills in Digital Marketing Classes?

Also who are striving for a better position in the organization due to eCommerce trend and diversified marketing strategies can also explore digital media marketing training. In today’s world, every brand is revamping their marketing strategies as they know their customers are now available online. Digital marketing course in ingenious academy trains and enables you to plan all kind of advertising campaigns to achieve your organizational goals.

Graduates & Post Graduates for placement

Final year students also who wants to get placed quickly with a good package should visit us to know more about our digital marketing classroom training program.

Managements students / MBA Students

Since the everyday market is becoming tough, MBA, MCA and BBA students must adapt the Digital Era along with fundamentals of Management. As long as study concern online marketing profession consists of all core MBA streams (Marketing, HR and Finance). Especially for Marketing your Master degree is incomplete without our Digital marketing classes.

For more information about our courses, get in touch with Ingenious Academy via contacts


Ingenious Academy, Plot No.10, Pushpanagri, Near Matoshri Hospital, Aurangabad - 431001


Mobile: (+91) - 9130016000
Mobile 2: (+91) - 9130086000
Mail: [email protected]

Hour of operation

Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 20:00
Sunday & Saturday: 10:30 - 18:00

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