5 simple steps improve spoken english skills

If English is not your mother tongue and you’ve done your schooling in other language, you may find it difficult to speak fluently in English. Say for example, In India it’s common to choose schooling in Vernacular medium like Marathi, Hindi, Urdu etc. Even though these students complete their graduation later in English medium, they hardly get any chances to speak in English. Suddenly, after graduation you feel the dire need to become fluent in Englishas it is the only accepted language for most of the interview processes. At this point you might be familiar with basic vocabulary of English but may stumble upon using it while speaking. Don’t worry; here are some simple tips to improve spoken English skills.

1.Start Reading simple novels

Any language can be developed when you create an environment of reading, listening and observing and then following it to speak. You can choose simple novels like from Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point or Half Girlfriend etc. or any novel of your interest.  I recommend such novels as its language is easy to understand and it has short sentences. Also these books contain reflection of every thought, emotions and actions which will help u to translate your emotions and first thoughts to describe in English.

Again, these novels have engaging story line; which will not allow you to put book down until you read it fully.

2.Try to translate your every thought or action in English- like they do in Novels

Now while you’ve started reading novels, think about how does a writer describe what’s happening with him all the time. Try to do the same. Start describing your day like you are telling your story to someone. You may prefer to write a personal diary if you are finding it difficult to translate your thoughts in mind. This will help you to lessen your translating time slowly.

3.Whenever you have a Self-talk; make it in English

Many beginners of Spoken English hesitate while having conversation with others. So what’s easy is – whenever you develop any thoughts in your mind or you are watching something on TV or on street, you start narrating it to yourself like you have self-talk.

For example:  When you are walking on the street you can talk to yourself what you may see there. Like a man is purchasing a chocolate for his son. Son is demanding for more chocolates but he refused to buy it. Son seems little disappointed. Now they are going home.

4.Watch talk shows, reality shows, TV series, News, Movies in English

You can watch English News channels and later you can practice reading any news of newspaper in the same tone loudly. This will help you for better and easy pronunciations.

You can watch talk shows where in you will understand how to start a conversation, how to ask questions and answer them.

Through TV series and movies you may learn the natural accent of American or British English. Besides you will understand to develop appropriate vocabulary depending upon the situation. For example: We know words like small, big, bigger, biggest, huge, giant, magnificent, humongous but as a beginner we only use word ‘big’ in comparison. But we may observe and learn different words fits more appropriately even though sharing same meaning. This will be understood in a better way through these programs. Besides this you will watch and learn the mannerism and culture behind this language through this.

5.Download a dictionary app on your Smartphone

I suggest noting any strange word and finding their meaning on your dictionary app immediately.  If you find it while reading a book you can underline it and write its meaning there itself. Then you can practice creating any other sentences by using this new word to last it long in your memory.

You can also download an app that can not only give you its meaning in English but also can translate words from your mother tongue to English. This way you can easily start collecting accurate English words while speaking.

Remember the only way to learn speaking any language is to start speaking it!

So you can create your own environment of learning, listening, reading and practicing language or you may join a class for spoken English.

Hope you find these tips to improve English Speaking skills easy and helpful. You can leave your feedback or share your experience in comments.

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Ms. Prerna Salunke

Co-founder of ingenious Academy

She is an HR expert having 8+ yrs of corporate experience. She has been working in Training and development in IT industry. Moreover, she was associated with big brands like Bharat Petroleum Ltd. Co. (BPCL). She is also a Certified professional for Recruitment. Her area of expertise includes Personality assessment programs, Recruitment processes and soft skills development. Additionally her work highlights also include CV building, Interview preparation, grooming sessions and personality development programs. She is an alumni of Welingkar Institute of Management & Development, Mumbai which is among India’s top 10 institutes of management. Her career highlights are mentioned below:

Certified Professional in Human Resources and Retail Management from Welingkar Institute of Management & Development, Mumbai which is among India’s top 10 institutes of management.

Co-founder of Ingenious Academy, a leading Training and Placement Institute in Aurangabad. Ingenious Academy is a pioneer institute which offers top class professional training especially in Digital Marketing domain and other IT courses. Under the leadership of Mrs Prerna Salunke this academy provides its students necessary soft skills to be ready for placements.

Placement Activities that she undertakes at Ingenious academy includes: Establishing tie-ups with companies, tapping their human resource requirements, offering the right candidates (trained/experienced) at zero cost to the companies as well as to academy’s students.

Extensive background in Grooming & Soft skills development: She has demonstrated extensive soft skills knowledge, an eye to every detail approach towards her training methodology & her student’s individual development. She possesses an excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills and coaching abilities.

Personality Assessment Programs: She is an expert when it comes to assess personalities, analyze them and helping her mentees to develop or overcome weak areas. Her Personality development programs have been super beneficial to different professionals like lawyers, doctors, sales persons, students etc.

Certified Recruiter by IKYA: She is an experienced, Dynamic and results-oriented HR Corporate Recruiter with extensive experience in HR domain specifically Recruitment and Retention, Strategic Planning, Talent Development, and Performance Management. Certified professional in recruitment processes, in developing and establishing strategic recruitment strategies, engaging with social media, identifying/recruiting appropriate talent, and achieving recruitment objective

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