PHP Training and Projects

  • PHP training from IT professionals
    PHP training from IT professionals
    In order to be eligible for future PHP opportunities, ingenious Academy offers updated syllabus & practical modules of PHP training from our highly knowledgeable faculties.
  • Company Tie-ups & 100% Placement assistance
    Company Tie-ups & 100% Placement assistance
    Tie-ups with many MNC's and Domestic companies also we provide 100% placement assistance. We have been working with Vivo, ASUS, Kaara infosystems Pvt Ltd, Ambily Technologies Pvt Ltd and more.
  • Get Groomed by Experienced HR Professional
    Get Groomed by Experienced HR Professional
    Get trained by 3+ years of corporate experience in HR & MBA from Welingkar (Mumbai) in every aspects of Personality Enhancement like Interview

PHP Trends

PHP is an opensource language and widely used technique. PHP is a first choice of many software developers because of its responsive website designing solutions. Today around 80% websites in the world are built primarily on PHP including the biggest Social Networking site i.e. Facebook and Wikipedia. It is also estimated that Global IT outsourcing market will grow by almost 6% by 2019. And most of the US/EU countries prefer outsourcing of PHP web applications in order to cut the additional costs as they tend to get access of Asian talent pool. These figures itself indicates why PHP trends keep on generating tremendous employment opportunities and keeps attracting huge IT professionals.  In order to be eligible for future PHP opportunities, ingenious Academy offers updated syllabus & practical modules of PHP training from our highly knowledgeable faculties.

Prerequisite for PHP course:

Basic knowledge of C programming language


  • BE/ B.Tech from any streams , BSC – Computer science , BCS
  • BCA , MCA, MCS, ME
  • Working professionals of IT or non-IT who wants to enter into IT as a web developers

Features of PHP training at ingenious academy:

  • 100% Placement assistance after PHP training
  • Customized PHP training available
  • Highly experienced Industry experts as trainers
  • Training on both theoretical as well as practical methodologies.
  • Project based PHP training on real-time projects
  • PHP Training program designed for fresher’s as well as experienced professionals
  • Best infrastructural support with fully-facilitated computer labs, spacious classrooms with best seating facility and reliable internet facility available within the institute for the students.

Advanced PHP Course Syllabus

Html Basics: – HTML Tags – HTML Tag Elements – Tag Attributes, HTML Images, – Lists, Links, Images, Tables, Forms Css Basics: – CSS Styling – CSS Properties, Span – Div Tags , Meta Tags, Table Layouts Examples & Practice session
-Web Servers, Client Server Architecture; http and request response -Various Technologies and PHP as open source -Domain/DNS/IP Adress/domain name and hosting -Making your development machine ready on your own PHP Web Server, MySQL Installation, Deploying first HTML Static Page to understand the basic working of web server
PHP Fundamentals: – PHP History. – Installation Of PHP, MySQL And Apache. – Installation Of Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. – PHP Basic syntax. Examples & Practice session
PHP data Types. – PHP Variables. – Variable Scope. – Examples practice. – PHP Constants. Practice session
PHP Expressions. – PHP Operators. -- Embed PHP In HTML/HTML In PHP -Examples practice.
PHP Control Structures OR Control Statements. -Types Of Control Structures OR Control Statements. – If statement with Examples.
PHP Loops. -Types OF PHP Loops. – For loop with Examples. -While loop with Examples.
Understand the need of Array - Difference between Array and Variables - How to define an Array and when to use - What is an index in array - How to store value in array using index - How and when to use arrays - Indexing arrays, numeric and hashes - How to initialize an Array; Print array using print_r() Function - Difference between echo and print_r() Function - Types Of Array With Example - Numeric Array in PHP - Associative Array in PHP - Multi-Dimensional Arrays - Foreach loop with key and without key definition - Examples and practice sessions; PHP Array function : Types of Array builtin functions with Example PHP string function : Types of String functions with Example, Examples and practice sessions
Do While loop,break continue keywords. -Examples practice session
Understand what is function - Need of Function in PHP - Advantage of Function over statements - PHP Function declaration with Example - PHP Function Calling. - PHP Function with arguments - Default Arguments in Function - Scope of Function Global and Local - Recursive Function - Examples practice Types of Function: -User define functions - In Built functions (include, include_once, require, require_once) - date Function
PHP Forms: – PHP Form handling. -PHP GET, PHP POST. -PHP Form Validation. Examples and practice sessions Capturing Form Data - Dealing with Multi-value filed - Generating File uploaded form - Redirecting a form after submission - Image upload with Form - Sending Mail through mail function using Form Examples and practice sessions PHP Form Validation Using JavaScript. – PHP Form Validation Using JQuery plugin. -PHP Form (Using CAPTCHA) -Examples and practice sessions Working with file : - File Uploading & Downloading - Open, read and closing a file - create and Write a file - Working with file : - File Uploading & Downloading - Open, read and closing a file - create and Write a file - Examples practice
What is a session and why it is required? - Understand the basics of session with browser example - Initialization of session with session_start() function - Usage of session variable with $_SESSION global array - Check availability of session variable with isset() function - PHP session_destroy() function - PHP unset() function to remove data from session variables - Retrieving PHP SESSION variable data - Register and modify PHP session variables What is a Cookie and why it is required? - cookie as local variable - Initialization of cookie variable - set cookie() function with different properties - Cookie properties - Setting a cookie in PHP - Retrieving PHP cookies - Expiring/Deleting PHP cookies - Examples practice
Basic MYSQL database: - Introduction about Database - Working with PHP MyAdmin - Basic MySQL - Why and Scope of MySQL - Creating Databases - Creating a Databases connection with Web page - Creating Tables in Database - Specifying Field Data Types - Selecting the Most Appropriate Data Type - Adding Field Modifiers and Keys, Examples and practice sessions Selecting a Table Type Altering Tables - Altering Table and Field Names - Adding and Removing Fields and Keys - Altering Table Types - Import and Export database And table through PHPMYADMIN - Backing Up and Restoring Databases and Tables - Dropping Databases and Tables - Viewing Database, Table, and Field Information - SQL Queries - Inserting Records - Editing and Deleting Records - Login Log out model - Examples and practice sessions Building Shopping Cart or any other project * -How Web Publishing Works in real world -switch statements -Forloop -For each loop ? Examples and practice sessions
- Understand the Basic syntax and Parse error - Warning errors in PHP - Fatal error in PHP - Difference Between fatal error and warning with example - How to solve errors with debugging concept in PHP - Examples and practice sessions
Java Script: - Introduction to JavaScript - JavaScript Variables - JavaScript Functions - Events - Onclick, Onblur, Onload, OnSubmit, Onclick etc... - JavaScript Pop up Boxes - Alert Box , Confirm Box , Prompt Box - JavaScript Client Side Validation - JavaScript Mathematical & Timeout Function - Examples and practice sessions; JQuery: - Introduction to JQuery - JQuery Effects:-Hide(), Show(), fadeIn(), fadeout(), slideDown(),slideUp(), animate() - JQuery plug-in with example - JQuery Validation - Examples and practice sessions; Ajax - AJAX Introduction - AJAX Request - How to send data to PHP using Ajax - Ajax Database - Examples practice
Filtering Records with a WHERE Clause - Order By - Group By - Having - LIKE - AND & OR Operators - Using Built-In Functions - AVG() - COUNT() - SUM() - MIN() - MAX() - LCASE() - UCASE() - Examples and practice sessions
Database basics - MySQLI Create - MySQLI Insert - MySQLI Select - MySQL Update - MySQLI Delete - MySQLI Truncate - MySQLI Drop - Filtering Records with a WHERE Clause - Examples practice