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About Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the modern way of promoting products or services and brands through various forms of electronic media such as internet marketing, mobile marketing, also display ads etc.  Needless to say online marketing is an effective way of reaching large number of customers in less time. And comparatively it incurs low cost of investment. Since ingenious Academy believes in the importance of digital world, it helps you understand this with the help of digital marketing classes.

Why Digital Marketing ?

As per the statistics today 3 in 5 people in Asia and Pacific use the internet. While India has become the second-biggest smartphone market in terms of active unique smartphone users,it has crossed 220 million users. Eventually it has become habitual to check the information online either to find the route, address. People also search for best restaurant or shops or services nearby on internet. As a result of this, demands from advertisers are increasing in digital media. Though Digital marketing has previously been a mere subject among the syllabus of marketing courses, it has now emerged as a standalone subject.


Digital Marketing Training at ingenious Academy

Work & Spend on PPC

We will train you by spending money live on PPC-Google adword campaigns.

Domain and hosting to practice

Every student will be provided individual domain with his name to create their own website.

Training on projector and laptops

Hands on experience learning on projector screen, wi-fi equipped classrooms and laptops for each student.

Google & Microsoft Bing Certification

We teach you to learn beyond just certification. assistance for Google adwords, Analytics, Microsoft bing ads certification.

Digital marketing course ingenious Academy covers all activities of online marketing such as SEO, Google Adwords, Display marketing, Remarketing. Additionally another topics include Social media marketing, Email Marketing and also some other tools. Moreover digital marketing certification programs enables you to become Google certified Digital Marketing Professional.  Futhermore after completion of the classroom digital marketing course you will be confident to work especially for MNC’s, IT companies. You can also choose to work for  FMCG companies or digital marketing agencies. You can also work in internet marketing teams of business setups. Never the less you can even start your own website and run business or work as a freelancer.

Additionaly, Ingenious Academy recruitment team would be responsible for placement assistance of everyone who undergoes our training program.

Our Google Certified Students


Sneha Jadhav Google Adwords Certified
Minhaj Deshmukh Google Adwords Certified
Ankita Sontakke Google Adwords Certified
Ankit Kawale Google Adwords Certified
Namrata Kulkarni Google Adwords Certified
Priyanka Malusare Google Adwords Certified
Payal Somani Google Adwords Certified
Mohini Zope Google Adwords Certified
Akshay Kulkarni Google Adwords Certified
Dayal Bedwal Google Adwords Certified
Nikhil Awalgaonkar Google Adwords Certified
Syed Usama Google Adwords Certified
Parag Chaudhary Google Adwords Certified
Prashant Chapanerkar Google Adwords Certified
Sonam Patil Google Adwords Certified
Syed Ubaid Google Adwords Certified
Vaibhav Deshpande Google Adwords Certified
Harshad Waghmare Google Adwords Certified
Pankaj Gudhekar Google Adwords Certified
Abhijeet Chobe Google Adwords Certified
Yashwant Deshmukh Google Adwords Certified
Amol Dhakne Google Adwords Certified
Kiranraj Tak Google Adwords Certified
Sandip Kathar Google Adwords Certified
Bhairavi Kamble Google Adwords Certified
Arshad Shaha Google Adwords Certified
Jeevak Meshram Google Adwords Certified
Maithili Gagrani Google Adwords Certified
Aditya Aher Google Adwords Certified
Parvez Alam Google Adwords Certified
Komal Kandharkar Google Adwords Certified
Pravin Kale Google Adwords Certified
Shakeel Anwar Google Adwords Certified
Sagar Ingole Google Adwords Certified
Yogesh Bharambe Google Adwords Certified
Sachin Dhivar Google Adwords Certified
Bhagesh Gandhi Google Adwords Certified
Priyanka Jadhav Google Adwords Certified

Who should join digital marketing classes?

Since everyday market is becoming tough, MBA,MCA and BBA students must adapt Digital Era along with fundamentals of Management. As long as study concern online marketing profession consists of all core MBA streams (Marketing, HR and Finance). Especially for Marketing your Master degree is incomplete without our Digital marketing classes.
Final year students also who wants to get placed quickly with good package should visit us to know more about our digital marketing classroom training program.
Who are stuck with door to door sales job and want to switch in marketing jobs must go through digital marketing classes in Aurangabad.
Also who are striving for better position in organisation due to ecommerce trend and diversified marketing strategies can also explore digital media marketing training. In today's world every brand is revamping their marketing strategies as they know their customers are now available online. Digital marketing course in ingenious academy trains and enables you to plan all kind of advertising campaigns to achieve your organisational goals.
Who are looking for online as a channel or medium to sell there product or make themselves available or visible to online users or customers should learn digital marketing classes. Customers are cautious about purchase and does research on internet before making decision. So online marketing course teaches you methods and tools to analyse buying persona, that in depth for any micro level location market.
First of all digital marketing course doesnt require any technical background or any programming language because most of all tools are available on internet itself. To enroll for Digital Marketing classes at ingenious anyone who is familiar with computers and internet can join. This is course is suitable for people from any field having passion for marketing and wants to master in online marketing, build strategies, plan campaigns, analyse the potential with web analytics, justify ROI should join digital marketing classes.
There are thousands of jobs freelancing sites offers for SEO, Google adwords, Email Marketing, Mobile app optimisation, App store optimisation. So if you want to work from home or looking for project based job then digital marketing course at ingenious Academy proves to be a wise option.

Digital Marketing Course Content

Digital Marketing trends, Industry Overview
• Learnng basic html tags, Anchor, Images, Urls, Listing, Div, class, all important aspects required for Search engine optimization; • CMS training - Wordpress, Plugins; Basic Website Designing, Development, • Live SEO Practice
• On page SEO ---Site Analysis, Competition Analysis, Keyword Research, Keyword Density, Title/Description/Keyword/Other Meta Tags Development • Site (URL) Structure Analysis, Web Designing Basics, URL renaming/re-writing, Content Development Check,Heading H1, H2, H3 Tags, Anchor Text, Caption • Web Content Optimization, Image Optimization, Use of robots.txt, HTML Validation, Creation of XML/HTML/Text Sitemaps.---------• Off page SEO----Understanding links, anchors, follow-nofollow • Google webmaster tool • PR checker tool • Backlink checker tool • Google Tag manager • Google Mapping/Listing ,Press release news syndication, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Local and regional search engine indexing
• Google Adwords-- • Search Ads Campaign; • Display Ads Campaign; • Youtube ads Campaign; • Remarketing Campaign; • Live Campaigns practicals in each lecture
Paid ads with Microsoft Bing search engine
• Facebook - opengraph,Page creation, content strategy, hashtags, facebook applications, paid advertisements, analytics • Twitter Ads - Page creation hashtags, discover, cards, strategies to add followers; Twitter cards • Linked in - Content strategies, paid promotion
Channel creation, video promotion, increase viewership
• Ad server basics and installation.(Openx training) • display banner, understanding and implementing banner ad codes, geo-targeting, frequency capping, pixel tracking, conversions
• Affiliate marketing strategies, Implementation
• Setting up Google Web master tool • Webpage indexing • Learn to fetch google robots to crawl webpage • Search analytics • robot.txt • sitemap uploading • error resolving
Management of multiple tags, its linking to adword, Analytics, Re marketing accounts
• Creating Google analytics account, linking to website with & without tag manager • Understanding visitors behavior, Geo settings, web page arrival source and more
• Email marketing Strategy • Mail server working • Hard Bounce, Soft Bounce, Open rate, inbox , spam • Mail Chimp - Sending mail, use templates, landing pages, lead capturing, Mail Automation.
• App store optimization • App promotion • SMS marketing
• Digital Marketing audit • Web analytics • Planning Your Digital Marketing Campaign (Live Project)

Assessment and Certification

Finally all students will receive a certificate of Advance Digital Marketing Course from ingenious Academy.

Faculty Profile / Trainer Profile

Rohit Salunke

Co-Founder – ingenious Group

A Computer Science graduate and Marketing Professional with more than 5 yrs of  Corporate experience in Digital marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Channel Marketing and Business Development. Additionally in E-commerce website development, strategy making, SEO and business consultant to some startup companies from Pune.

Currently he works as digital marketing consultant to many leading organisations as well as some startups. He is also passionate to impart his corporate experience with students so he works as a trainer in ingenious Academy.

He has served top brands in his career like

Digital Marketing courses in Aurangabad
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Google and Microsoft Certified

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Genuine Placements

  •  Syed Khawaja Usama Razzaqui
    Syed Khawaja Usama Razzaqui
  • Minhaj Deshmukh
    Minhaj Deshmukh
  •  Akshay P. Kulkarni
    Akshay P. Kulkarni
  • Mohini Zope
    Mohini Zope
  • Ankita Sontakke
    Ankita Sontakke
  • Pratik Patil
    Pratik Patil
  • Nikhil Awalgaokar
    Nikhil Awalgaokar
  • Yogesh Temkar
    Yogesh Temkar
  • Akshay Agrawal
    Akshay Agrawal
  • Deepak Chavhan
    Deepak Chavhan
  • Ashish Thirani
    Ashish Thirani
  • Satish Tupe
    Satish Tupe

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