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If you have an interest in C,C++ programming languages or in PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA, ANDROID, IOS in both of the cases, you need to develop an object oriented and logical perspective to write any program. This is aptly done in C language Classes and  C++ language classes conducted at ingenious academy.

Let’s just say C, C++ Classes is the must have for any novice learning Computer science. This is a foundation of all other programming languages and hence contains immense importance. Ingenious Academy leads to be the best institute for Programming language courses in Aurangabad.

1. Learn to Understand how Computer and Program works

We are expert coders understands well how to teach the C,C++ language -as if you know C,C++, you will learn how your program works and you will be able to create a mental model on how a computer works (including memory management and allocation). In C,C++ programming classes you will learn to appreciate the freedom that C provides unlike Python and Java.
Learn C,C++ Language also what purpose it is getting used in IT or any other industry with live examples from industry standards.

2. You will learn beyond academics

The complete 360 degree learning experience will not only help you to get higher marks in academics but it gives you knowledge beyond.
In colleges you will overlook the fact that C,C++ is an important language. If you need to develop a Apple iphone app, you need Swift and Objective C. For Web application there are huge number of languages and platforms like C#, PHP,, Ruby, Python.

Python is used for making wide range for applications. And, C is used for making Python. If you want to contribute to Python, you need to know C programming to work on Python interpreter that impacts millions of Python programmers. This is just one example. A large number of softwares that you use today is powered by C.

Another language that’s commonly used for large open source project is C++.

3. Why to Learn at ingenious Academy

Live Learning

Become part of revolutionized training method, where we don’t just teach we train our students like they work in industry. We proudly say “We Make Developers“.

Experienced trainer

Learn from experienced developers. Our trainers are much advanced in their field of development and holding more than 4 years of industrial experience which makes us unbeatable in IT and Java training in Aurangabad.

Training on Projector

Learn on Projector and create your own projects and programs every day. We deliver industry updates to our student and practice development tools IT is using today worldwide

Premium Facilities

You will get premium facilities like nowhere else and which you deserve in Aurangabad

Learn as you work in company, every student of ingenious academy is treated like coder or developer. You will get top facilities in class like Laptops, teaching on projector, live project on every class. Working on latest frameworks ex. Eclipse, Netbeans etc. which in future will would need in IT companies.

Latest updates in industry will be updated in your knowledge by our experienced faculty.

Features of Programming Language C, C++ Courses:

  • More than 100-200 program development practicals are conducted during these courses.
  • Individual laptops/ personal computers are provided to our students.
  • College syllabus as well as industry level advanced content is inculcated in this course.
  • Content is prepared by Industry expert and method of teaching will be in presentations with hands on experience.
  • Live Projects to work on with IT industry standards.
  • An innovative teaching methodology delivers in- depth knowledge with quality tailored programs also detailed notes will be provided


Syllabus For C Programming

C Programming Syllabus

Features of C; History of C; Structure of C Program; C Keywords & Identifier; C Variables & Constants; C Data Types; C Input/Output; C Operators; Primitive Data Types; Aggregated Data Types; With Basic Examples; Practice Session
Simple if; if…else Statement; Nested if; if..else ladder; Goto Statement; Break and Continue Statement; Switch, Case statement; Decision Making statement Examples; Practice Session
While; For; Do..While; Nested loop Statements; Loop Examples; Practice Session
Introduction to arrays; Need for Arrays; Types of arrays; One Dimensional Arrays; Two Dimensional Arrays; Multi Dimensional Arrays; Arrays Examples; Practice Session
Declaring String; Initializing String; String Functions; String Formatted Specifiers; Multiple Strings; Strings Examples; Practice Session
Introduction to Functions; Classification of Functions; Function Prototype; Defining Function; Calling Function; Function with Arrays; Function with Strings; Call by Value and Call by Reference Recursive; Functions; Function Examples; Practice Session
Pointers; Introduction to Memory; Introduction to Pointers; Operations on Pointers; Pointer to Pointer; Pointer to Array; Array to Pointers; Void pointers; Passing Pointers to Functions; Functions returning Pointers; Pointer to Functions; Pointers with Structures; Pointers Example; Practice Session
Introduction to structures; Declaring a Structure; Introduction to Structures; Structures with Arrays; Nested Structures; Introduction to Union; Declaring Union; Difference between Structures and Unions; Enumerations; Typedeaf; Structures, Union, enum Examples; Practice Session
Allocation (Malloc, Calloc & Realloc); De – Allocation (Free); Examples; Practice Session
Introduction; File Input, Output Operations; Random Access Files; Command Line Arguments; File Handling Examples; Practice Session
Introduction to Graphics; Initializing Graphics; Graphic Drivers & Modes; Graphic Functions; Graphics Examples; Practice Session

Video Series For C Programming

Syllabus For C++ Programming

C++ Syllabus

What is C++? C vs C++ History Features Installation C++ Program cout, cin, endl Variable, Data types, Keywords, Operators
If if-else switch
For Loop While Loop Do-While Loop Break Statement Continue Statement Goto Statement Comments
Functions Call by value & reference Recursion Storage Classes
Arrays Array to Function Multidimensional Arrays
OOPs Concepts Object Class Constructor Destructor this Pointer static Structs Enumeration Friend Function
Interfaces Data Abstraction Namespaces
Polymorphism Overloading Overriding Virtual Function
Interfaces Data Abstraction Namespaces
Exception Handling try/catch User-Defined
Templates in C++
File & Stream

4. Experienced Team and Faculty

Our trainer has 18 years experience in this field and he is certified in OCJP and C-DAC. We can help you in all aspects of industry level training and placement.